Sunday, May 4, 2008

100 birds

A little wren has made her nest inside my studio here in the mountains. There's a big gap in the board and batton siding where she can come and go. she's been so busy all day bringing worms, grasshoppers, all sorts of unidentifiable wiggling things to the nest that's like a little tunnel of leaves, twigs and moss up high on a shelf.

She has come to trust that she can come and go to her nest in spite of my intrusion. It helps if i don't turn and look at her, although that is really hard to resist. we've looked each other in the eye a good bit, she with her bug filled mouth.... and me with my hands in mud.

She's worked all day bringing bugs and facing challenges. i will not say she's worked hard; it's her joy. She follows her heart ....around the strange two legged challenge the nest..... I'm sneeking a peek from time to time, learning from her.

so i've started a new project. i'm calling it my 100 bird project. small birds, soft and round that fit in the palm of my hand, turning to look at me, or flying, or carrying small squigglings; all different. maybe i'll number them.

the first flock is in the kiln tonite. look for them at my etsy shop:

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