Tuesday, November 16, 2010

eagle blessing

what a beautiful day..i went down to the river with 5 new owls to photograph for my etsy shop. what fun! i was chuckling to myself seeing these sweet owls looking so at home standing on a round river rock or perched on a tree branch...that really would have been enough to make me happy but then on the way back to the house i saw an eagle!!!!! wow! he was standing by the river hunting his lunch when he heard me and flew up spreading out those big black wings and fanning out those bright white tail feathers. he flew jsut a few feet above the water going downstream... i followed praying jsut to see hima again...he landed in a tree above a special spot where i sit sometimes...he flew again back up the river out of view....then i saw him again way up high circling... i remembered my camera!!! and got one tiny shot before he disappeared!!!!


Hallelujah Truth said...

Thank you for sharing the spirit and majesty of your heart and how it echoes MOTHER NATURE.

Hallelujah Truth said...

Dear Blue Fire, last night I spent some time with your family of owls. I love them all. And treasure how each one has a different personality. I feel the energy that you infuse each one with. I wish I could have them all.