Friday, February 22, 2008

finished first step

i've shaped and carved the clay and reached a place where i am happy with how she looks and feels. now horse will dry for 7-10 days. when it's completely dry it will go into the kiln for the first firing called bisque firing. i'll post pictures of how it looks when it comes out of the kiln for the glazing / coloring part of the process.

wet clay

This clay looks dark brown while it's still wet. When it's fired it becomes a terra cotta red / brown.

making horse from terra cotta clay

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I love

I've been making and selling clay artworks quite a few years. But just recently a miracle happened. I discovered It's amazing place where an artist can sell whatever they make to the whole wide world!!!! It can just pop right out of my heart and dreams and into the clay. Then I take a few pictures and post it to my ETSY shop and it gets shown all over the whole world all day, while I'm working in my studio and all night while I'm sleeping. And people are loving and buying what I'm dreaming into being! WOW!!!!

Making a horse.

Welcome to my studio. Today, I'm making a horse from clay and dreams. I make lots of horses. They express so well the feeling that I have when i am standing in my center, in my power. The feeling of freedom, joy and limitlessness. ( My horses never wear bridles!)