Thursday, October 31, 2013

Living in Beauty

This is much more than a "ceramic cat on a stand". What you see here is the physical manifestation of my relationship with beauty. A lifelong love relationship with beauty. A long term, committed love relationship with the sacredness of beauty. I've lived my life honoring the joy in my heart that I feel when I create the most beautiful pieces of art that I can.

Its been my experience that there are many people who love Beauty and they are completely happy to make an exchange to have a piece of beauty standing in their home as a daily reminder of their own relationship with beauty, with the sacred and with creativity. I am grateful to play a small part.

Maybe a piece of beauty will appear in your life today or tomorrow or sometime soon.  Maybe you will recognize that what has touched you is the recognition of Divine Beauty within are looking into a mirror and seeing, feeling your own relationship with Beauty.... Beauty within you and Beauty in your world....I hope that you are always looking for Beauty in your life....everywhere....looking, looking, looking ....your heart open always to Beauty.  i hope that you honor yourself and your relationship with beauty everyday!

Living in Beauty, 

blue fire

Sunday, October 13, 2013


i confess......
i do live in a beautiful place. 
and yes, i am inspired and supported by the Beauty i see 
whenever i walk out my door.

i made this collage with a new toy
its a photo editing site. i used the free tools for 
this collage but if you want there are even 
more tools and fonts for a small fee. 
i think it maybe took about 30 minutes
 to make this one but i can entertain 
myself for hours with these kinds of things.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

new pieces

i have so many new pieces all over my studio! high time to add some to my etsy shop. here are a few pictures of pieces going there this weekend......

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

 Sweet Girl Cat Dreaming the Rainbow, Meow....
        One of a kind, signed work of art.
        7-3/4" tall, 5" wide at the base
Hand made from red clay and fired ceramic glazes with a matte finish called "under glaze". Even the black lines that you see are under glaze in a pencil form.
In the close up photos, you can see the way these ceramic glazes look like chalk or pastels. I work with colors the way a painter does...because i started out as a painter!!! about 20 years ago i discovered the magic of clay. But still love working with the infinite possibilities of colors!!!! so my artworks are a combination of those two very different mediums.