Wednesday, October 27, 2010

50 new pieces

......going into the kiln today, 50 owls, birds and horses with terra sigillata. ( 50, not counting the little owls. they look kind of cute on the sofa,,,,, owl family sitting around on the sofa, eating...uh well never mind)

this is the first firing that they will get. the terra sig goes on bone dry clay, then i buff it for a slight sheen.....ooooooooo. as soon as this thunderstorm weather passes on through i'll fire it up, for a couple of days, cool for one day so by saturday they will be ready to come out and get the underglaze......and then back into the fire.....

Monday, October 25, 2010

artist statement..... and my name, Blue Fire


I work with clay, fire and dreams. for me, artwork is the practice of perceiving the sacred in the moment..
.....and honoring that truth... bringing sacred dreams from the mystery into the literal world.

......using clay and my hands i bring into form the dreams in my heart...holding my attention on that dream, i work with the clay, co-creating with the clay....watching and assisting the artwork as it emerges from the MYSTERY into being...this feels so exciting, this is what i love, this is what i live for....i leave the marks of this exciting process visible in the clay surface.... after the first firing, i brush colorful underglazes onto the clay, emphasizing the texture and shapes. the piece is fired again at least once. underglazes while permanent have a soft look allowing the texture of the clay and the forming process to remain visible.
.......... art is a sacred process for me....the hand-built clay artworks i create are expressions of my joyful relationship with beauty and the sacred dream of love and power...they are gifts from the Great Mystery, the energetic ocean of Creation...

............. beauty, the sacred made visible .............

bLue FiRE.......
............this name was given to me by my spiritual teacher about 12 years ago. it is the name that describes my sacredness, my truth, my heart. we are all sacred beings. my art work is one way that i remember myself, my sacred self.
....i've been working in various mediums since i began this lifetime. encouraged by my father, a professional modern art painter and teacher, i was introduced to art processes at an early age. over the years, a few of the mediums i've worked in are graphic design, photography, silk screening, drawing and painting. artwork is an essential part of my life. i'm grateful now to be working with clay. i've been making and selling my clay creations for 20 years.
... Before moving to Asheville in 2007, i lived full time for 2 years in the wilderness in the Nantahala National Forest where i forded a river to get home. my neighbors being trees, owls, bears, stars and the dream of love and power. Now I spend about half my time there being nurtured and inspired by that sweet sweet land and the other half of my time being with the amazing, creative and inspiring two legged humans who call Asheville home.