Monday, November 30, 2009

100 horse journey

the intent* i hold gently is to begin creating 100 horses as sketches, ideas, a way of opening myself to the Dream of Love and to the Power of Love and create "art works" which ground that energy in the physical world**
i'm beginning with small pieces and will finish with several large pieces. this may take some "time". i'll post images and notes about my journey along the way.....

*my intent is open to responding to the energy generated and that which exists in the grid, in the Dream of Love within me and as i connect to the Dream all around me....)
** see future posts about what i mean by "art work". my definition is different from that which is used in this culture....
the horse is my power animal, thus an appropriate guide for this kind of pursuit....

100 horse journey

100 horse journey

the first 13 are snorting and stomping around the studio at home....

Monday, November 23, 2009

flying tree ornaments

christmas tree ornaments
are in the kiln. they are small flying birds made of white porcelain. i'm eager to see them!!! but they have been firing all night
and have a couple more hours to go , so no pictures yet!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The hand made clay art works that i create are Visionary Art Works.

…. visionary art creative process:
i journey into my energy where i connect with the Source of All Creation. I do this consciously using the drum. I journey on the sound of the drum into my energy and with intent I bring back images that are healing .... I bring the memory of my own sacredness from the Mystery into my clay creations....these art works can be mirrors reminding you of you own creativity and sacredness.

.... I bring this healing creative energy into the clay owls, horses, Jaguars, winged ones (birds) and two legged humans that I create. I work with these beings in my energy, they represent aspects of the energy of the sacred dream of love and power... within me and all around me...My art works are gifts from the Great Mystery, the energetic Source of Creation...

.......the physical process:
using clay and my hands i bring into form my heart dreams...i work with clay, co-creating with the Earth....watching the piece come into being...this feels magical....i leave the marks of this exciting process visible in the texture of the surface of the artwork.... I layer into the surface colorful under glazes, terra sigillata or slip. the piece is fired several times. these colorful finishes while permanent have a soft look allowing the texture of the clay and the forming process to remain visible.

…Blue Fire……this name was given to me by my spiritual teacher about 12 years ago. when I say this name i remember myself, my sacredness, my truth. …….. Larger artworks ……… Smaller pieces

Yes, I do custom visionary artworks.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

i am a warrior for my Spirit

Inspired by ancient sacred warrior masks of
Teotihuacan. This is made from clay which is still drying. I will finish it with terra sigillata and underglazes in a couple of weeks. I am remembering (finding in my present energy)teaching sacred art in past heart supported by the Dream of Love is bringing me home to teaching this now. /with my Spirit eyes looking right back at me, my ego can not deny my truth.