Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EARTH : FIRE : VISIONS ceremonial clay creations

EARTH : FIRE : VISIONS ceremonial clay creations

3 clay artists; Lynn August, Stephen Biggerstaff and Blue Fire MacMahon

present a showing of their work, EARTH : FIRE : VISIONS, ceremonial clay creations.

Clay has memories, ancient memories...humans have been creating art from clay since the beginning...memories emerge when humans touch the wet earth...it speaks its memories, it speaks of its sacredness and we humans listen. We have been listening with our hearts and hands since the beginning. Sacred ceremonies and objects are born of this ancient relationship.

This show honors those memories and sacredness in ceremonial clay creations.

Stephen Biggerstaff.... “I am inspired to make work that references reliquaries, censors, and altars - rituals and reminders keep me grounded; and creating these objects in clay allows me to communicate my experience of witness and remembrance while on my earthly adventure.”

“ i create clay sculpture...standing at the doorway of creation (the Mystery) i bring my dreams into being from the clay, which is the body of sacred mother earth.“ .....Blue Fire MacMahon

Lynn August sits in silence with clay carving intricate designs on her wheel thrown pots. “my carvings speak for me....i hear Native American, African, and earth spirits”.

where: Clingman Cafe, 242 Clingman Ave, Asheville, in the River Arts District

when: the month of April, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

today in the studio...

....3 horses in the drying phase....i'll make 2 or 3 more and one of these will prance out to washington state with a raven on his/her back.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

100 owls and other beings

100 owls and other beings coming into being...they are in the drying stage, some are getting terra sigillata, then going into the first firing.

maybe you are wondering what is terra sigillata????? well, its an ancient technique for finishing clay.... a very very fine clay slip or liquid clay. color can be added. It is brushed onto the clay piece, then burnished for a sheen. i will be offering a very inexpensive online class in this technique soon. are there other clay techniques you are curious about? let me know!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

7 Sisters Gallery

Exciting day!!!! Just took some new work to a new gallery (for me).....

7 Sisters Gallery in Black Mountain, NC.

What a nice space!