Monday, July 28, 2008

A walk in beauty...

Hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway today on a section that is closed for repair, no two legged humans but me....lots of butterflies, one of them flying ahead of me, leading the one point i happened to look over my shoulder and there was a large black bear walking behind me about 100 feet. WOW!

A little farther on, two wild turkeys cross the road. Yarrow, bee balm, clouds playing in and out of each other. A walk in beauty....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Coil building

fat pony garden sculpture, coil built.

I have discovered that I love coil building!!! So intuitive, and strong. It feels alive. In the past, i've built large sculptures using slabs and armatures. When i build with slabs, first i plan out in advance the piece, draw a full sized sketch and then build the armature. This determines the finished shape of the piece.

But when I am building with coils, the shape can evolve and change as the clay and I participate in bringing the clay being into form. This works so much better for me. No armature, no sketch, just clay and so much fun!!!!!!!!!

........a few pictures of a coil built horse that I'm making this week...