Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ETSY=revolution in the ART world

There is this thing about ETSY.com that i really find very exciting. I see on ETSY the potential for a revolution in the art world that i feel is coming. Creativity comes in so many forms, is ordinary, amazing, common, beautiful and is human nature. One can see on Etsy examples of the wonderful variety of forms in which creativity emerges.

There is a playfulness to the energy that emerges when the old constraints* fall away. Creativity is FREE to be and to become and to come through anyone and everyone who chooses to open themselves to the flow of creative energy. Creativity is happening all the time, everywhere.

It is sacred, is energy and a process available to anyone to witness and/or to participate.

People are able to stand in the energy of something freshly created and feel that energy and do not require any background to assist them in their own direct experience of that creative experience.

* the old constraints - judgment ("good art" "not good enough art"), hierarchy of mediums ("fine art" vs "craft", etc.), past achievements bias ( education, degrees, shows, and various other sanctions by experts), gender bias, competitor abilities (awards) and all the other ways that the ego based, fear and pain world muddles in the creative energy of the sacred becoming.