Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ancient Owl and Beauty Bird Dreaming Spring...

     Ancient Owl ruffled her feathers as she 
     felt the rainbow wind touch her and said 
     to Beauty Bird "Oh how i love Spring... 
     Mother Earth is dreaming Spring into 
     being again. Feel it? Whoooooo!"

Beauty Bird chirped excitedly "Oh yes, 
so many times She has brought Springtime 
around the wheel again! Chirp! chirp! I feel 
Spring flowing through my hollow bones. 
How sweetly Mother Earth loves 
all her children". 

    "And her patience with us opens my heart. 
     Especially her patience with 
     those two leggeds."

"Well, they are the new comers here 
with so much to learn...just wish they 
would let us teach them how to 
listen to Mother."

    "Whooooo! Look there is one now 
     sitting outside. I'm gonna go show 
     myself to her and see if 
     she can hear me yet" be continued...

New owls going into my Etsy shop today...

Friday, March 21, 2014

new spring look...

i could spend hours playing with graphic design of my look for Facebook, Pinterest, etsy, google. in fact i have to tear myself away from playing with pic monkey today.