Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Snowed in again. i learn so much from the challenges....i am grateful for all the opportunities to choose my heart; sometimes to take my energy back from where my ego runs away with it. Heart knowing, heart intent and surrender to the Dream of LOVE and Power in this moment. Love is power. Love is all that is real. I am grateful for all the teachers guiding me in this life especially for my teacher Looking Hawk.

this is a picture of my truck which i drove to one of the fords. good thing i know where the road is because you sure couldn't see any trace of it under the snow! driving in snow is one of the new skills i'm practicing. i'm a southerner, never saw so much snow in all of my life before this year and last! never had to drive in it! how to get about in a world that seems to full of surprises these days is the challenge on every level! when the truck slide sideways even just a little, my ego freaks "ooooo something is BAD WRONG" and my Spirit says "oh stop it ego, following my heart i can get out there and learn how"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

bear tracks

yesterday on my way to a new years eve fire ceremony....... i saw bear tracks in the snow.... affirmation of the loving support in this sacred world for stalking and retrieving my energy in my shadow. what a truly new year it is.