Saturday, December 12, 2009

100 horse journey: notes on the first glaze firings

results are very interesting..i did 2 glaze firings.
first a cone 6 firing of red stone clay with terra sigillata, under glaze pencils and chalks.
the colors look very muted, colors burn out at cone 6. nice in a muted kind of way. and the clay has a soft smooth look. and it clinks like porcelain, nice. i want to fire these to cone o2. and see if the colors hold.

2nd firing: cone 04 raku clay. really nice results. colors are true and beautiful. i can see all the details of my work with underglaze pencils. no chalks on this group. the cobalt carbonate stain is a beautiful dark blue accenting the textures. red iron oxide is nice and rust red. terra sig looks good, too.

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