Monday, June 28, 2010

i'll be at the BIG CRAFTY, july 11th.

.....the sky people spoke to me (see feather below) and continue to speak to me energetically as i make a series of new owls for The Big Crafty show in downtown Asheville, July 11th.
I feel the energy of this special place (Rainbow Springs) touching me, supporting me as i embrace all of me. especially the wonderful deep dark rich shadows.....owls are so good at seeing, feeling, deftly unraveling deep dark power of shadows.

shamanic art thoughts..........

when i sit by the river here i feel the energy of this Beauty place so strongly. i know that this place and i are in relationship. it is a love relationship.....and something is growing from this connection......i'm being taught things.........i'm being taught about beauty... what is it about this place that is so beautiful ? when i look at the river bank i see beauty, the perfect arrangement of colors and shapes, the sounds and smells, all are perfect and beautiful. what i sense and call beauty is my awareness of the relationships of all the beings here living in balance with each other. the moss on the river bank feeds the grass, the grass feeds the dragonflys dancing with each other, the river flows laughing by and i am blessed to sit here among them feeling this peaceful beauty. this kind of beauty/order comes from being in relationship, living with integrity. its not something imposed upon the group by some "higher" being in charge and enforced by rule and punishment. its a more powerful and softer way of creating order. it is LOVE. it is the Dream of Love and the interconnectedness that Beauty beings know and respond to. It is natural. It is NATURE. It is Beauty. I love sitting here where the Natural workings of the Dream of Love are so obvious and undeniable. I am learning how to be and being lead along gently, softly held in Beauty. I am Dreaming Love into Being.

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