Monday, November 19, 2012

artist statement

Blue Fire..........artist statement
The hand-built clay artworks i create are expressions of my joyful relationship with the creative process and the natural world; animals, birds, owls, horses and two legged humans, all manifestations of the sacred dream of love and power...they are gifts from the Great Mystery, the energetic ocean of Creation.
They are wonders, curiosities, teachers, and beautiful... I’m fascinated by all the Beings of the natural world. Nature is the revelation of the Divine, the Mystery..., the sacred made visible .......
.......... art is a sacred process for me.
I work with clay, fire and dreams. For me, artwork
is the practice of perceiving the sacred in the moment.. .....and honoring that truth... bringing sacred dreams
from the mystery into the literal world. Using clay
and my hands i bring into form the dreams in my heart ...i work with the clay, co-creating with the clay.... watching the piece come into being...this feels magical....
I leave the marks of this exciting process visible in
the texture of the surface on each artwork.... I layer into the surface colorful under glazes, terra sigillata or slip. The piece is fired several times. Underglazes, while permanent, have a soft look allowing the texture of
the clay and the forming process to remain visible.
I'm grateful to be working with clay - have for 20 years!


CGS said...

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claybodies said...

what a amazing artist statement!