Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Artist bio

Once upon a time there was a little Blue Fire born into a magical family. Her mother was a tall and powerful woman before such a thing was known to be possible and her father was an artist, a painter and college professor.

Infused with her mother's courage, little Blue Fire followed in her father's footsteps literally with a little sketch book in hand, drawing and coloring to her heart's content. Art and creativity was a magical process where dreams became things.

She has traveled with Mother Earth 60 revolutions around the sun, dreaming and creating every day. She has taken creative journeys into silk screen printing, commercial product photography, graphic design....and of course countless Spirit journeys into her own energy, into the dream world within. All of her experiences have guided and assisted her in a love affair with clay, the true love of this lifetime and surely many other lifetimes as well.

Blue Fire has been joyfully dreaming, forming, finishing and sending her clay creations out to live in the homes of people in the far four corners of this beautiful world for over 20 years now. Such a parade of beauty she has witnessed and they just keep coming.
I am grateful.
Blue Fire

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