Wednesday, October 2, 2013

 Sweet Girl Cat Dreaming the Rainbow, Meow....
        One of a kind, signed work of art.
        7-3/4" tall, 5" wide at the base
Hand made from red clay and fired ceramic glazes with a matte finish called "under glaze". Even the black lines that you see are under glaze in a pencil form.
In the close up photos, you can see the way these ceramic glazes look like chalk or pastels. I work with colors the way a painter does...because i started out as a painter!!! about 20 years ago i discovered the magic of clay. But still love working with the infinite possibilities of colors!!!! so my artworks are a combination of those two very different mediums.


1 comment:

Sharon Gorberg said...

Your work is absolutely wonderful!!!!
I love every piece- the whimsy, the colors and the attitude!

I am a mixed media artist from outside of Boston and would love to talk to you about your work.