Saturday, February 8, 2014

mugs, something new.

i'm experimenting with making some functional pieces for my own use.
some mugs
and containers

i have another larger container going into the next glaze kiln firing.  i want to make some plates and bowls, too. these are just for fun, slab built with a black gloss glaze inside and matte glaze on the outside. i stuck a few metal tacks on the handles and bands on the outside....reminds me of the tin + rivets creations i experimented with a few years ago. the tacks do not go all the way through to the inside of course. wouldn't want them to spring a leak since they are "functional" pottery.  its nice to just stretch and do something different. and besides, i was ready for some new dishes : )

 i've been enjoying drinking tea from them. (they work!) 


Raige Creations said...

Love the look of these!

Marian Parkes said...

These are fun. I like! Planning to make any plates or bowls?

Ann said...

love these!!
perhaps you could be persuaded to make some of these for your etsy store!! they are so unique and fabulous!!!

Blue Fire said...

Yes! i am going to keep making more of these and maybe add a few to my Etsy shop at some time in the future. stay tuned. .right now they me take a very long time to make but i'm sure they will become easier to make and thus something that i could make to sell!