Wednesday, July 18, 2012

what are these owls all about?

I must have made 1000 owls by now.....what are these owls all about? 

well, generally speaking, all of nature is my teacher.....

....and these owls with eyes looking right at the viewer?

 those eyes say to me "Awaken, 
re-member the ancient wisdom and knowledge that my soul carries into this life.....

See through the illusion...

and re-member ....
i am free, 
i am love, 
i am power, 
i am connected to ALL, 
i am sacred, 
you are sacred, 
All is sacred. 


Shanti said...

"See through the illusion...and re-member....". That resonates deep within me. The new addition to our family, the Relationship Owl, now takes on new meaning and is a reminder throughout every day of this truth. Thank you!

Blue Fire said...

Thank you, Shanti!